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2017 Rule Book

Track Rules and Regulations

Track rules & regulations for all classes

1. Safety is above all: a mandatory drivers uniform & equipment will consist of fire-suit 1 or 2 piece (minimum of single layer). Fire retardant gloves. Leather or fire retardant shoes, approved Snell 85 or higher helmet, neck collar, must use 3 year old or newer 5 point 3” racing seat belt harness, & high back racing seat. Arm restraints recommended for all drivers & required for open wheel car drivers, window nets required on all stock cars. A fire bottle & fire retardant under wear & head sock are all highly recommended for all drivers, if a piece of safety equipment comes off, loose, or inoperable stop to get the yellow out and you will regain your position from the last completed lap.

2. Required & non allowed items: each car is to have fire extinguisher in their pit area. Mini sprints must have a good unbroken rear bumper & nerf bars to compete in any race. No mirrors or radios allowed in race cars. No traction control devices of any type, no tire treating or the possession of tire treatments or other hazardous chemicals. . Exhaust see mufflers.substance warning: this is your first last, & final warning, absolutely no drinking, or use of drugs by a driver or any member of his pit crew will result in immediate suspension of that person.

3. Conduct: we demand professional courteous conduct from participants at all times, we will not tolerate profanity or obscene gestures in front of ladies, race fans, officials, or management, the driver assumes responsibility for the actions of his/her pit crew and guests and is the sole spokesperson for his/her car owner, pit crew,-in any and all matters pertaining to the event on or off the track , the fines for improper conduct 1st time $25.00, 2nd $50.00 3rd 125.00 4th 1week suspension and 125.00 we expect you to look & act like a professional by being a courteous, clean, neatly dressed- respectable person. Un-sportsman like conduct, verbal abuse, cursing or threatening another person, will result in ejection and possible arrest of the violator and possible disqualification of the car associated with the violator. Fighting: by anyone depending on the severity will result in fines of that person & probable removal from the grounds and / or. Race night suspension. Continuing problems from a person will result in permanent suspension of that person. The display of any type of weapon or threat to- do bodily harm with such a device will result in arrest & permanent suspension of person/s involved . Do not approach the flag stand or tower to discuss a race. You will be disqualified for the night & possibly suspended.

4. Spirit or intent: any participant who defies or violates the spirit or intent of any 35 raceway park rule shall be considered to have engaged in un-sportsman like conduct and will be dealt with according to the nature of the infraction with a fine and / or suspension and possible dq from event/s that infraction occurred in.

5. The scales: you must go directly to the scales after the heat race all cars transferring to feature must weigh, top 5 in the feature must weigh. Both times you must do so immediately when exiting track, do not go to your pits first, or you will be disqualified

6. The tech area : the top three or more cars in a feature race or any other race as determined by the officials, you must go to the tech area immediately when exiting the track or if you are in a class that weighs go to tech area directly from scales

7. Pits: no pets allowed, absolutely no reckless driving or excessive speed in the pits it will result in immediate removal from the grounds there are no warnings. A car cannot reenter a race if the car goes to the pits. The space in a pit area occupied by a driver & crew is theirs for the race. You are not allowed to enter that space unless you are invited to do so, any person entering a pit area other than their own where a disturbance of any kind occurs, will be considered at fault. All 4 wheelers must be registered with the track forms available at pit office and carry insurance naming track as additional insured only 1 4 wheeler per team. One rider only, minimum age on 4 wheelers is 16, no 2 wheelers or bikes.

8. Staging: all cars & drivers must be in the staging area ready to race and lined up correctly for their races. If not in line you will be placed on tail or refused entry to the race, we will not hold up the race for you or change the line up if you miss your race. Once the green flag drops no alternates may enter.

9. Two yellow or red: - if you are involved in any two yellow or red flag conditions you will be black flagged and sent off race track.

10. Involved: means making contact & stop or be only car stopped, while green flag is out, all involved cars will go to the tail in the order that they crossed start finish line on the last completed lap, unless an official makes a call & there is a driver penalized for rough driving etc; then the remainder of the cars will retain there position, or in the event of a gentleman's call where the driver causing the mishap lets an official know prior to being sent to the tail he was the cause of mishap, then that driver will go to the tail & not be charged with yellow or red and other drivers involved will retain there position. If you spin/stop or go in the infield to avoid an accident in progress that you are not involved [do not make contact] in you will regain your position on the track when lined back up to restart the race.

11. No one is allowed: on the race track &/or infield: under green or yellow flag. The only people allowed on the track or in the infield are officials & race cars every one else is to stay away at all times unless requested to assist for some special reason drivers must seek a place of safety following disablement, when crashed stay in your car, all drivers are to stay with their cars, & do not get out to examine the damage.

12. Yellow flag: scoring will revert back to the last lap completed. Absolutely no passing, racing, or working on car during a yellow flag or you will be black flagged. At the staging area, while under yellow you may have 1 crewman check your car (look only) if you were involved in a mishap, track officials may pull parts so that you may continue.

13. Yellow is thrown on the first lap: a complete restart will ensue with those causing the yellow sent to the tail, this pertains to heat races, dashes and features.

14. Red flag: if the red flag is thrown you must stop immediately away from the accident do not block the exit gate. Do not move until the yellow is displayed. On an open red the crew may work on a car during a red flag, crew must return to the pits & you must be ready to race, when the yellow flag comes back out. You cannot refuel or add oil to the engine, or get out of your car.

15. Black flag: means go to pits or infield for constellation for a safety or driving infraction it is not always a disqualification. The black flag may be pointed as a warning, if the flag is waved at you, you will exit the track as safely as possible. Any time a car becomes a hazard or potential hazard or whose speed has been reduced to a point were it has become a safety problem or retards track activity as seen by officials that car will be black flagged.

16. The green flag: the pole sitter will bring the field to starting line in corner 4 at a moderate pace when this point is reached the green flag will wave that is when the race is started and passing may begin. On single file starts no passing may begin till you pass the cone, if you hit the cone 1st time you will be sent to the tail 2nd time you will be dq'd. Any driver who leaves an excessive area in front of his car, & holds back other racers, will be sent to the tail. A driver who jumps cars before the green flag waves will be placed back in the final scoring sheet one spot for every car jumped, those who flagrantly jump cars or who hot lap during line-ups preceding a race drive unnecessarily rough will be disqualified or scored last in the race. Same rule applies to those who brake check on starts.

17. The finish: checkers are best but in the event of a red flag on the last lap, the race will not be restarted. The order of finish will be the order in which the white flag was taken. The car or cars involved in the red flag will be scored last in their order according to the lap prior to the white flag lap. If there is a mishap on the last lap and the leader takes the checked flag the race is considered complete the cars involved in the mishap will be scored last according to the white flag lap.

18. Under a green, red, yellow flag: if you get out of your car on the track and it is not safety related to you, you will be disqualified from that race unless an official instructs you to do so.

19. Go from the track to the infield: during a yellow : you may in a safe manner re-enter the race at the tall before the green flag waves.

20. Points and money: awarded to driver not car to be eligible for points the driver who raced a car in the heat race must race the same car in the feature a driver can substitute for another driver who's car made the feature he must start the tail, if the substitute driver raced the heat race he will not be awarded heat points. Neither will the driver who raced the car in the heat if a driver substitutes for a driver without notifying the pit office in advance a loss of points will result for both drivers. A rookie is defined as a driver who has never driven in a class in which he is competing in three or more feature races in any previous year at 35 RP. Rookies are required to display a "rookie flag" on their car for a probationary period until officials determine the driver is proficient enough to remove it. Officials reserve the right to place any rookie at tail of any race during this probationary period. The highest finishing rookie in the points in a class is considered rookie of the year in that class, A car may only race in one class per night.

21. There will be no throw out nights all point nights count towards championship points

22. Awards: event & presentations participants must personally attend the awards event to receive any bonuses, awards, or trophies.

23. Do not leave: discarded tires or dump oil or other contaminates on the ground anyone caught doing so will be fined & loose all points, please help us maintain a quality facility by putting your trash in a can.

24. Protest rule: car owners/drivers you can protest any car in your class in writing of the specific Non-Conforming part or parts more than 1 may be covered & by putting up $200.00 $50.00 goes to the track, $150.00, which goes back to the protester if the engine or car is Conforming. The protested car will get the money if the engine or car is conforming. The protest can be made anytime during the course of the race night up to 10 minutes after completion of the feature for that class of car. A tear down will only be after the feature, the protest covers the rules for that class of car. In the event inspection uncovers any Non-Conforming part weather or not described in writing the protester will retain the money & Non-Conforming car will be disqualified, 1st time infraction driver loses points & money for that date, the 2nd time driver loses all points year to date & may be suspended from racing this pertains to heats and features . It is the owners &/or drivers responsibility to dismantle any part of their car for inspection & to have a book on their particular engine and prove it conforming to the rules.

25. Officials: reserve right to check without cost any and all cars at all times for any rule that may be in question including but not limited to engine disassembly. All non- conforming components may be confiscated by track officials & become track property failure to surrender non- conforming  components shall result in a penalty as determined by officials.

26. All minors must have an annual minor release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement completed before entering the pit gate. The form must be signed by both legal parents/guardians and notarized. All minor driver participants must also provide a copy of their birth certificate.

27. Scoring transponders: track supplied or your own are required to be used on all cars, anytime a transponder has been purposely moved from its required position to gain an advantage the transponder will be confiscated and driver disqualified & suspended for up to 1 year from the infraction.

28. Courtesy rule: as a courtesy any car from another track or organization with minor rule differences may at managements discretion race on that night but will be notified of the rule modifications in order to compete conforming to the rules on the next visit to the track. The exceptions would be safety specifications and special events which have no grace period. This rule is for those who have not competed at 35 RP in the prior year

29. Tech waived by officials: in the event that the car / s that are subject to post race tech cannot run, crank, weigh, pass a measurement etc  due to a known on track incident wreak, crash, etc, tech maybe waived for that night but only if car / s has previously passed either preseason or during racing season tech or engine has track seal.